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Waters and Nonlinear co-develop analysis solutions for large-scale, complex data sets

Following our earlier blog post announcing that we had embarked on a major project with Waters Corporation to supply software as part of their new ‘Omics Research Platform Solution we can bring you a progress update. The formal agreement has been signed and a press release made by Waters Corporation, which was reported the same […]

New Omics Research Platform Solution from Waters, powered by Nonlinear Dynamics

Note:This post refers to the TransOmics™ Informatics range of software, which has since been superseded by the Progenesis QI range, which represents the merging of Waters’ TransOmics™ Informatics into Nonlinear Dynamics’ existing Progenesis software. All of the features described, however, remain relevant. A fuller description of the new products can be found here. Thanks! The […]