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A round up from the Proteomic Forum Berlin meeting

Last week I attended the Proteomic Forum Berlin, held every 2 years at the Freie Universität in the Dahlem district of Berlin. Despite the snowy weather around 400 participants attended the many talks and social events over five days. A snowy Henry-Ford building at the Freie Universität, Berlin The meeting is full of presentations and […]

The one reason you should join the Progenesis Improvement Program

Because it’s in your interest; you’ll get better, faster software as a result. 🙂 But there are other reasons too: It’s completely automated, so you won’t ever have to do anything after opting in If you ever change your mind, you’re in control; you can opt-out instantly, at any time We only collect information that […]

Number of publications citing Progenesis for quantitative proteomics continues to increase

We’ve been keeping track of the number of papers that we can find citing Progenesis SameSpots or Progenesis LC-MS  for over 4 years now.  January is often a time to reflect back on the previous year, so how did the number of publications in 2012 compare to previous years? You can see the number of […]

Upgrade your Progenesis SameSpots licence with our special offer

Progenesis SameSpots was launched to market in 2006, offering users a revolutionary new approach to 2D gel analysis. The technology has been widely adopted, with some of the leading research groups worldwide benefitting from analysis times of 5 minutes per gel, reproducible analysis and data with no missing values allowing robust statistical analysis. The current […]

A round up of HUPO 2012, Boston

As mentioned in a previous post, we attended the HUPO 11th Annual World Congress in Boston recently. I was lucky enough to attend so I can share some of the highlights from each day with you. The HUPO council meeting was held on Sunday. Here HUPO shared its vision for the future. One aim is […]

Solutions for your proteomics and metabolomics data analysis–come and see us at HUPO, Boston

We have made our final preparations for the HUPO 11th Annual World Congress which starts in Boston, Massachusetts on Sunday 9th Sept and we are really looking forward to what promises to be a great meeting. We will be based in the exhibit hall, at booth #404, and our data analysis specialists will be on […]

3 ways to routinely QC your 2D analysis

If you visit our blog regularly, you will have noticed a recent theme around quality control (QC) for proteomics data and how our analysis solutions can support this. It’s one we have chosen to highlight for many reasons. Fundamentally, as my colleague Beth pointed out in this recent post, “…it’s a case of garbage in, […]

How to maintain confidence in your sample quality over time

If you’re analysing samples that are stored for weeks, months, or even years, you’ll want to know that those samples aren’t degrading unacceptably. Various factors can contribute to degradation1, some having quite specific effects while others can cause global changes in the sample. Such factors include: the effect of freeze-thaw cycles the temperature at which […]

Progenesis SameSpots and 2DE: Developing assays to QC biologic production

Earlier this year, I wrote a blog post about how 2D gel analysis with Progenesis SameSpots can be used to develop reliable ELISA assays for monitoring host-cell protein (HCP) contamination during production of biologics. An example has been published by Edward Savino and others at Centocor Research and Development Inc. (known as Janssen Biotch Inc. […]

8 quality metrics for your 2D gel images

It is a widely-accepted truth in scientific research that the quality of your results is dependent on the quality of raw data you analyse. Or to put it more bluntly, it’s a case of garbage in, garbage out. From the very start of our SameSpots development, we understood the negative effect that poor image quality […]