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Why do people buy Progenesis QI when there is freeware available?

Read what Professor Jace Jones from University of Maryland School of Pharmacy has to say about the benefits of using Progenesis QI.

6 ways Progenesis QI can help with your compound identification

See how Progenesis QI can help you to identify the compounds in your LC-MS experiment – with 6 methods to choose from.

Barking up the right tree: characterising Garcinia buchananii extracts with Progenesis QI

A look at how Progenesis QI helped Dr Timo Stark of Technische Universität München to rapidly characterise Garcinia buchananii extracts.

Food for thought at RAFA 2015

Find out about how Nonlinear Dynamics got on at RAFA 2015.

Big society for small molecules

Would you be interested in contributing to a community library for small molecules? Join the discussion!

From bees or not from bees: that is the question!

Chris Buck from Waters Australia demonstrates how Progenesis QI can be used for the investigation of food adulteration.

5 key steps to peak picking that make Progenesis QI better

In Progenesis QI, peak picking is more than just detecting MS peaks in profiled LC-MS data…

Progenesis QI and the iKnife: the cutting edge of food monitoring

An interview with Dr Sara Stead of Waters Corporation, looking at the innovate REIMS technology and how it’s supported by Progenesis QI v2.1.

Progenesis QI v2.1 – available to download now

Improvements to ChemSpider functionality; integration with the NIST LC-MS MSMS libraries; integration with IPA; new workflow for DSA techniques.

MetSoc2015 – Bridging the gap between community and industry

A review of the 11th International Conference of the Metabolomics Society (Metabolomics 2015), by Nonlinear Dynamics.