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Natural Product Atlas Library for Progenesis QI and UNIFI

A library that contains structures of 25,000+ Natural Product compounds.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year. It’s that time of year when we make resolutions for the coming year. We look at ourselves with a fresh pair of eyes.

Are you missing out on how Progenesis QI can help your research?

See how Progenesis QI software is used in metabolomic studies for preoperative metabolomic signature of prostate cancer recurrence

Identification scoring in Progenesis QI

Steven Anderson shows how you can increase confidence in your metabolomics IDs, using the additional dimensions of your data in Progenesis QI.

Can Progenesis adapt to your application?

Breadth and scope of Progenesis software across market sectors

What value can Progenesis QI provide in the world of co-polymer characterization?

Progenesis QI is used in polymer characterization.

What are our customers saying?

Progenesis users explain why they are happy

Helping you to help yourself

Learn about the resources readily available for the Progenesis QI software. See how easy it is to use the software to get the results you want.

A review of Metabolomics, Brisbane 2017

Progenesis alignment, co-detection and identification at Metabolomics 2017

Just because it’s natural doesn’t mean it’s safe

Progenesis QI successfully used for authentication of botanicals and their herbal supplements