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New Progenesis launched at Analytica 2014

This morning at Analytica 2014, we officially launched the new and rebranded releases of both our proteomics and small molecule data analysis solutions; and to coincide with this, we’ve also rebranded our website. “Progenesis QI” is the new name for Progenesis CoMet / TransOmics™ Informatics for Metabolomics and Lipidomics, while “Progenesis QI for proteomics” is […]

A report from EuPA 2013, St Malo

Having a love of oysters and coasts in general, I was the first to stick my hand up to attend EuPA 2013 in hauntingly beautiful St Malo.

Latest developments in fragmentation support for Progenesis CoMet

This post refers to Progenesis CoMet, which has since been superseded by Progenesis QI. While all of the features described remain relevant, we’ve now extended the software’s capabilities beyond what’s here. A fuller description of the new product can be found here. Thanks! The Nonlinear Support Team Here on the Nonlinear development team, we’re busy […]

9th Annual International Conference of the Metabolomics Society

Last week we attended the 9th Annual International Conference of the Metabolomics Society at the SECC in Glasgow, Scotland. It was our first time at this meeting so it was a great opportunity to find out first-hand what challenges researchers are facing within metabolomics and preview the latest developments in Progenesis CoMet. Oral presentations With […]

ASMS 2013 and Fragmentation Support in Progenesis CoMet

A couple of weeks ago, Nonlinear Dynamics attended the 61st annual conference of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This was my second ASMS, having also attended in Vancouver last year. Attending for a second year in a row was a great opportunity to catch up with all the customers and collaborators […]

ASMS 2013 starts this weekend–come and see us!

See Progenesis LC-MS & Progenesis CoMet in action and pick up your free licence code so you can analyse your own sample runs in the software.

Support for AB SCIEX WIFF files in Progenesis and wider search engine support

We’re always looking to improve our support for vendor specific data formats, and we are pleased to announce that Progenesis LC‑MS and Progenesis CoMet now support direct loading of AB SCIEX WIFF files. Previously, we recommended users of AB SCIEX machines convert their WIFF files to mzML prior to importing into Progenesis. The release of […]

1st Belgium-Netherlands Metabolomics Symposium

Earlier this week I attended the First Belgium-Netherlands Joint Symposium on Metabolomics: Translational Approaches in Metabolomics, in the picturesque city of Spa in Belgium. There were some interesting talks with invited speakers like Dr Johan Trygg from Umea Sweden, Prof. Dr. Thomas Hankemeier, Scientific director of the Netherlands Metabolomics Centre in Leiden, and Dr Augustin […]

3 ways you can review deconvolution in Progenesis CoMet

In my previous post, I introduced the adduct deconvolution we’ve added to the workflow in Progenesis CoMet and explained how it provides greater confidence in your measurements and identifications and a little of how it works. This time around, I’ll focus on reviewing the deconvolution, with the aim of validating your compounds of interest. Visualising […]

An introduction to adduct deconvolution in Progenesis CoMet v2.0

When it was released at the start of 2013, Progenesis CoMet v2.0 introduced adduct deconvolution to its metabolomics analysis workflow, prior to compound identification. But what is deconvolution and why is it so important? What is deconvolution and why is it important? Deconvolution in Progenesis CoMet is the process of grouping different adduct forms of […]