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3 ways to routinely QC your 2D analysis

If you visit our blog regularly, you will have noticed a recent theme around quality control (QC) for proteomics data and how our analysis solutions can support this. It’s one we have chosen to highlight for many reasons. Fundamentally, as my colleague Beth pointed out in this recent post, “…it’s a case of garbage in, […]

How to maintain confidence in your sample quality over time

If you’re analysing samples that are stored for weeks, months, or even years, you’ll want to know that those samples aren’t degrading unacceptably. Various factors can contribute to degradation1, some having quite specific effects while others can cause global changes in the sample. Such factors include: the effect of freeze-thaw cycles the temperature at which […]

Progenesis SameSpots and 2DE: Developing assays to QC biologic production

Earlier this year, I wrote a blog post about how 2D gel analysis with Progenesis SameSpots can be used to develop reliable ELISA assays for monitoring host-cell protein (HCP) contamination during production of biologics. An example has been published by Edward Savino and others at Centocor Research and Development Inc. (known as Janssen Biotch Inc. […]