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Progenesis LC-MS v3.0: fractionation support, simpler protein identification, Scaffold and more…

I’m delighted to say that Progenesis LC‑MS v3.0 has now been released and is available for download. Let’s take a closer look at what’s new… 🙂 Full analysis of fractionated samples Recombining protein statistics for fractionated samples is both incredibly simple and robust with Progenesis LC‑MS v3.0. Simply analyse each fraction as normal, then import […]

Rising rate of publications using 2D and SameSpots

One theme that transcends scientific research, whether you’re trying to make a difference by doing research in the lab or supplying tools to help do that better/faster/smarter, is the positive impact from peer-reviewed publications citing your work. So each month I look at publications citing our Progenesis products and generate an up-to-date list of publications […]

Getting increased protein coverage with Progenesis LC-MS

One of the most important benefits of the quantify-then-identify approach we use in Progenesis LC-MS is that you can find the significantly changing features even when you have no MS/MS data to identify them. Paddy talked about this a few months ago after giving his presentation at the London Biological Mass Spec Discussion Group. To […]