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ASMS 2012 in Vancouver, and a tip for immunoprecipitation

Last week, Nonlinear Dynamics attended ASMS, this year being held in the lovely city of Vancouver, in Canada. While the weather demonstrated why the city has the nickname of Rain City, Vancouver and its Convention Centre made a great venue, leaving Minneapolis with a lot to live up to next year. Given the announcement of […]

New Omics Research Platform Solution from Waters, powered by Nonlinear Dynamics

Note:This post refers to the TransOmics™ Informatics range of software, which has since been superseded by the Progenesis QI range, which represents the merging of Waters’ TransOmics™ Informatics into Nonlinear Dynamics’ existing Progenesis software. All of the features described, however, remain relevant. A fuller description of the new products can be found here. Thanks! The […]

Some recent conference news from our US office

Some news and photos of the recent conferences we have attended in the US. Experimental Biology: San Diego Conference Centre (April 22-24th) We arrived in San Diego to set up our booth on Saturday and the exhibition didn’t start until Sunday so this gave us a chance to explore San Diego and take in a […]

Label-free LC-MS and 2D gel electrophoresis, complementary approaches to increase proteome coverage

Back in January 2010 I introduced EPSRC CASE award PhD student Andrew Porter, who we sponsor in Prof Gary Black’s lab at Northumbria University. Since then we have been working with them and shared some early results on developing label-free LC-MS methods using a low-resolution ion-trap to study the C. japonicus proteome. The project has […]