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Do you need help with your data management challenges?

We meet with a lot of proteomics researchers using label-free LC-MS who are not only looking for a quantification software, but who are also trying to find a hardware solution which allows them to maximise their data processing capabilities and also offers sufficient data storage. A small label-free LC-MS experiment of 20 runs can require […]

Analyse Western Blot and 2D gel images with Progenesis SameSpots

Did you know Progenesis SameSpots can be used to characterise proteins as well as measure differential expression analysis on your 2D gels? Many customers use Progenesis SameSpots to quantify protein expression changes, but identifying and validating the discoveries you make is often a requirement of further research funding or publishing data. We’ve written an application […] the support section has moved

Hi, my name’s John Renney and I’m Nonlinear’s webmaster. I just wanted to let you know about a small change to the site. If you’re a regular visitor to the site, you may be wondering where the Support section has gone. Don’t worry — it’s all still there! The FAQs, video tutorials, documentation and […]