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Helping the next generation

Hi everybody. This is my first appearance on this blog, so I’d better introduce myself. My name’s Mal and I’m one of the software developers working on Progenesis. I’ve got a particular interest in usability and it’s this that I’d like to be the topic of my first post. Over the past couple of months, […]

All’s well that ends well

I went down to the London Biological Mass Spec Discussion Group meeting last week and after a busy few days I’ve managed to catch up and share what went on. We’d nominated Andrew Porter to present initial results from his research project. The idea was to present how we’d assessed the technical variance in our […]

Recognition from Sweden for SameSpots

When we launched Progenesis SameSpots to the world back in 2006 it was soon clear to me that because it was so different, explaining it’s new approach to 2D gel analysis and the benefits it gives would be a big job. The things I read this week from Ernesto Silva, Asa Wheelock et al showed […]