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The Olympics have come to town!

At Nonlinear Dynamics we are all very excited as the Olympics have come to town! Our headquarters are in the city of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, in the north-east of England, which has a famous football stadium called St James’ Park.  This magnificent venue has been selected to hold 9 Olympic football matches, including a men’s and women’s […]

A water-filled week at EuPA / BSPR 2012

Last week I attended 2 very watery Scottish-related events.  The first was the Wimbledon Men’s final, starring Andy Murray, which was a wet affair until the impressive centre court roof was closed.  The second was the EuPA/BSPR 2012 meeting in rain-soaked Glasgow.  Luckily I had my wellies for both! I attended the meeting with my […]

Proof-of-principle translating discovery proteomics experiments to pre-clinical biomarker verification

A report from the Institute of Medicine has highlighted the on-going challenge of translational proteomics with this line, “transforming the great promise of these new [‘omics] technologies into clinical laboratory tests that can help patients directly has happened more slowly than anticipated.” So, it’s good to be able to share a publication by one of […]