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How to get the most from your low resolution mass spec

Ultimate 3000 (Dionex) coupled to an HCT-Ultra Ion Trap MS (Bruker) in use by Andrew Porter at Northumbria University It’s now a year and a half since I introduced Andrew Porter and his PhD project that we are sponsoring at Northumbria University. Looking back, one of the biggest challenges we faced at the start was […]

5 sample running problems highlighted by ion intensity maps

A typical LC-MS run, viewed as an ion intensity map (click to enlarge). “What is an ion intensity map?” I hear you ask. At least, if you’re new to Progenesis QI, that may be your first question. The ion intensity map (or “ion map” for short) that’s used in Progenesis is what many first-time users […]

MSACL opens with a Super Bowl Celebration!

MSACL (Mass Spectrometry Applications to the Clinical Laboratory) annual meeting in San Diego is the first conference of 2011 for the US team. It is the start of a busy couple of months of conferences as we are also attending ABRF and US HUPO. The latter is being held in Durham, NC, this year so […]

Is Progenesis LC-MS Investigator the answer to your analysis bottleneck?

The Progenesis LC-MS software range has a new addition! We have just released Progenesis LC-MS Investigator which is designed to work alongside the main Progenesis LC-MS licence.  Whether you use a core facility, or do your mass spec in-house, there will often be occasions when you either wish to complete the analysis yourself, or you […]