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A quick news update before the long weekend

At Nonlinear we don’t believe in standing still, in our software development and in other parts of the business, we are continually striving to reach the next level. This was never truer than when we embarked on probably the quickest office move in history (I don’t have any data to back this up – but […]

How does Progenesis LC-MS quantify protein abundance?

This post refers to Progenesis LC-MS, which has since been superseded by Progenesis QI for proteomics. All of the features described, however, remain relevant. A fuller description of the new product can be found here. Thanks! The Nonlinear Support Team For most researchers the goal of an LC-MS proteomics experiment is a list of proteins […]

Proteomics Forum, Berlin – a good week was had by all

Last week my colleague, Martin Wells, and I attended the Proteomics Forum in Berlin. When I arrived in Berlin on Sunday afternoon, I could tell that summer is not far away anymore because it was 25°C! This conference with numerous well respected keynote speakers (i.e. Matthias Mann, Leigh Anderson, Ruedi Abersold, Hanno Langen, Albert Heck) […]

Question: “How many biological replicates do I need?” Answer: “Enough!”

A discussion of how you can ensure reproducibility in your ‘omics experiments and how the latest Progenesis software can help you.

2D gel analysis can help in production of biologics

In my last post, I shared how Progenesis SameSpots can compare proteins detected on Coomassie stained 2D gels and Western Blots. But comparing secondary stained images with 2D gels has applications beyond characterising proteins of interest in differential expression analysis. For example, 2D gel electrophoresis can be used at several stages of recombinant protein production: […]