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Progenesis QI: Big in Japan

At the end of June I headed across to Tsuruoka, Japan for the 10th Annual International Conference of the Metabolomics Society along with some of my colleagues from Nonlinear. With metabolomics still being a relatively new field for us, this was only the 2nd time we’d attended this conference so it was interesting to see […]

ASMS 2011: our first year of both proteomics and metabolomics

Earlier this month, four of Team Nonlinear attended ASMS 2011 in Denver, Colorado. Of course, we’ve attended ASMS in the past, but this year was the first year we were able to offer a dedicated solution for both proteomics and metabolomics researchers. Outside the workshops at ASMS in Denver, with Mark, Agnès and Paul smiling […]

Getting increased protein coverage with Progenesis LC-MS

One of the most important benefits of the quantify-then-identify approach we use in Progenesis LC-MS is that you can find the significantly changing features even when you have no MS/MS data to identify them. Paddy talked about this a few months ago after giving his presentation at the London Biological Mass Spec Discussion Group. To […]

Agilent Q-TOF support in Progenesis LC‑MS

Progenesis LC-MS has always had the ability to load mzXML, the machine-independent data format. This means that even if we don’t support your machine directly, you can still convert your data to mzXML and analyse it using Progenesis. However, for Agilent Q-TOF MassHunter data in particular, the process of converting to mzXML (using msconvert) is […]