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ASMS 2012 in Vancouver, and a tip for immunoprecipitation

Last week, Nonlinear Dynamics attended ASMS, this year being held in the lovely city of Vancouver, in Canada. While the weather demonstrated why the city has the nickname of Rain City, Vancouver and its Convention Centre made a great venue, leaving Minneapolis with a lot to live up to next year. Given the announcement of […]

Welcome to Anjum Ahmed, strengthening our testing team

As the capabilities of the Progenesis range continue to expand, the task of monitoring and maintaining the software’s quality expands accordingly. Consequently, we’re delighted to welcome Anjum Ahmed to Nonlinear. Anjum’s a senior test analyst with 9 years’ experience and will be helping to make sure the software we release meets and exceeds the standards […]

Free download: improved cross-platform support in CoMet and LC-MS

In recent months, we’ve broadened our support for data file formats in the latest versions of both Progenesis LC-MS and Progenesis CoMet. Thanks to the plug-in architecture that we use in Progenesis, you can get these improvements today, free of charge. mzML and netCDF support for Progenesis CoMet Earlier this month, we introduced support for […]

How to maintain confidence in your sample quality over time

If you’re analysing samples that are stored for weeks, months, or even years, you’ll want to know that those samples aren’t degrading unacceptably. Various factors can contribute to degradation1, some having quite specific effects while others can cause global changes in the sample. Such factors include: the effect of freeze-thaw cycles the temperature at which […]

Gas phase fractionation and Progenesis LC-MS: perfect partners

This post refers to Progenesis LC-MS, which has since been superseded by Progenesis QI for proteomics. All of the features described, however, remain relevant. A fuller description of the new product can be found here. Update: since this blog post was first published, a new version of the software has been released with direct support […]

Progenesis CoMet v1.0: for streamlined metabolomics data analysis

Earlier this week, we released the first version of Progenesis CoMet to metabolomics (and other) researchers worldwide. Using it, you’ll be able to discover and reliably quantify the compounds that are significantly changing in your samples. Before we started development on CoMet, we knew that data analysis in the field of metabolomics could be a […]

5 sample running problems highlighted by ion intensity maps

A typical LC-MS run, viewed as an ion intensity map (click to enlarge). “What is an ion intensity map?” I hear you ask. At least, if you’re new to Progenesis QI, that may be your first question. The ion intensity map (or “ion map” for short) that’s used in Progenesis is what many first-time users […]

Increase productivity with wildcard searching in Progenesis LC-MS and SameSpots

Useful! A regular expression quick-reference coffee mug! One feature that was added to both Progenesis SameSpots and Progenesis LC-MS in the past year is the ability to search for gels, runs, and peptides using regular expressions. But what’s a regular expression? Here’s what regular‑ has to say: A regular expression (or ‘regex’) is a special […]

Does Progenesis LC-MS support all of your lab’s instruments?

If you’re running a lab that uses LC-MS machines from a variety of vendors, you’ll be familiar with some of the problems this poses. All too often, the software supplied with each one is designed to analyse only the data produced by that particular machine. Using different software packages for different machines’ data has some […]

Our top 3 support articles to help your Progenesis LC‑MS analysis

If you’re already using Progenesis LC-MS, you’ll know that it’s a very powerful piece of software. But are you using it to its fullest potential? And how much do you know about the quantification and statistics it uses? The knowledgebase and FAQs, available from the support section section of, are full of documents that […]