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From bees or not from bees: that is the question!

Chris Buck from Waters Australia demonstrates how Progenesis QI can be used for the investigation of food adulteration.

Progenesis QI and the iKnife: the cutting edge of food monitoring

An interview with Dr Sara Stead of Waters Corporation, looking at the innovate REIMS technology and how it’s supported by Progenesis QI v2.1.

Strong technical support: a founding principle of Progenesis QI

See what people are saying about the technical support they receive for Progenesis QI, their proteomics and metabolomics data analysis software.

Q&A: Elemental Composition in Progenesis QI, with Dr Jayne Kirk

Dr Jayne Kirk, a senior applications chemist at Waters, talks to Nonlinear about the role of elemental composition in your metabolomics analysis.

Nonlinear scales up support and development teams

Nonlinear Dynamics welcomes the arrival of new team members, Angus Black (support) and Janusz Nykiel (development).

New QC measures for reviewing alignment in Progenesis LC-MS v4.1

Progenesis LC-MS v4.1 gives extra confidence in your MS proteomics analysis by providing tools to review your runs’ chromatographic alignment.

3 ways you can review deconvolution in Progenesis CoMet

In my previous post, I introduced the adduct deconvolution we’ve added to the workflow in Progenesis CoMet and explained how it provides greater confidence in your measurements and identifications and a little of how it works. This time around, I’ll focus on reviewing the deconvolution, with the aim of validating your compounds of interest. Visualising […]

An introduction to adduct deconvolution in Progenesis CoMet v2.0

When it was released at the start of 2013, Progenesis CoMet v2.0 introduced adduct deconvolution to its metabolomics analysis workflow, prior to compound identification. But what is deconvolution and why is it so important? What is deconvolution and why is it important? Deconvolution in Progenesis CoMet is the process of grouping different adduct forms of […]

The one reason you should join the Progenesis Improvement Program

Because it’s in your interest; you’ll get better, faster software as a result. 🙂 But there are other reasons too: It’s completely automated, so you won’t ever have to do anything after opting in If you ever change your mind, you’re in control; you can opt-out instantly, at any time We only collect information that […]

At last! Pain-free reviewing in the Progenesis workflow

One of the great benefits of all of the software in the Progenesis range is the visualization of your data throughout the analysis process. Being able to skip back and review any stage of the analysis gives you confidence in that analysis and the freedom to explore your data. For a long time, however, there […]