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What are our customers saying?

Progenesis users explain why they are happy

Just because it’s natural doesn’t mean it’s safe

Progenesis QI successfully used for authentication of botanicals and their herbal supplements

New Year, new release

New release of Progenesis QI v2.3 including Symphony and SONAR support

Endings and beginnings

Year end product summary and new starters at Nonlinear

“…we can’t manage this amount of data with normal software…”

Daniel Carrizo discusses how Progenesis QI is the only software that is capable of processing the wealth of data he generates in his LC-MS metabolomics experiments

How Progenesis QI resolves the problem of missing values

Progenesis QI’s unique approach to handling missing values in your LC-MS omics data is explained in an infographic and a short video.

Would you like another clue? Look in the library.

A new parameter for metabolite identification: Download Waters Metabolic Profiling CCS Library.

Symphony: The right product at the right time

An interview discussing the Symphony data pipeline: a fully flexible, customizable and creative, automated research tool.

Bringing the analysis to the sample: Progenesis QI helps beat food fraud

Explanation of how Progenesis QI is used to help address complex and critical food integrity issues alongside the latest analytical technologies

Why do people buy Progenesis QI when there is freeware available?

Read what Professor Jace Jones from University of Maryland School of Pharmacy has to say about the benefits of using Progenesis QI.