Are you missing out on how Progenesis QI can help your research?

ASMS 2019 has come and gone but the research continues. Nonlinear and Waters were lucky to have speakers at ASMS 2019 who shared their research with us and explained how the Progenesis QI software was an integral part of their work.

If you didn’t get to attend the talk by David W. Gaul, PhD., from the Georgia Institute of Technology or would like to hear the presentation again then we have the video for you. The title of his talk was “Preoperative Metabolomic Signature of Prostate Cancer Recurrence” To get an idea of what the presentation entails, you can read the abstract below, but I highly recommend you watch the video so you can see how important the work David and his group are doing with regards to giving people more information on how they can change their treatment decisions moving forward from a simple blood test.


Up to 50% of prostate cancer surgical patients will suffer from biochemical recurrence manifested by detectable serum prostate specific antigen levels even after prostate removal. Currently available pre-operative information has not yielded adequate prognosis to guide a patient’s treatment decision.  More clinical data is needed to improve prognosis. New biomarkers can arise from metabolome analysis of patient serum to aid physicians and patients in developing a treatment plan. We applied a multiplatform (NMR + LC−MS) metabolomics approach to the study of preoperative metabolic alterations associated with prostate cancer recurrence.

If you would like to trial the Progenesis QI software in your lab to see how it can impact your research, then please get in touch.