How do you know your raw materials are as they should be?

Agnès Corbin of Nonlinear Dynamics gives us an overview of what’s needed to maintain high manufacturing standards.

Agnes Corbin

We all know it, reproducibility is one of the key parameters to master for maintaining a product’s quality. As a customer, we all like our favorite products of a consistent high quality; as a manufacturer, we want to preserve our quality and customers’ satisfaction

That starts with the supply chain of the raw materials and ingredients used to manufacture a finished product.

A non-conformity, be it a cross-contamination, adulteration or degradation, can have huge economic, clinical and sanitary consequences, especially with high cost raw materials.

With this in mind, you might be interested in the below application note, produced in collaboration with Robertet Group, the world leader in sustainable natural raw materials for fragrance and flavor.

Click on the image to download the Vetiver essential oils application note
Vetiver essential oils application note

It describes how Progenesis QI was used, to spot an ‘out-of-the-blue’ potential non-conformity in Vetiver essential oil, using an Untargeted Metabolomics Profiling approach with LC-HRMS and a variety of Ionization techniques.

Progenesis QI helped to detect and identify adulteration with Castor Oil, a non-volatile compound, in a new batch of Vetiver Essential Oil. It would have been missed with the use of classical and common GC-MS techniques applied on volatile compounds.

The combination of LC separation equipment UPC² and UPLC (with different ionization sources ESI, APCI, ASAP) were used to get a better understanding of the product’s composition. Suppliers of natural raw materials must increase their phytochemistry knowledge of their products, as per the recent change in the REACH regulation based on the Natural Complexes Substances (NCS).

The easy-to-set-up LC-MS techniques for non-volatile compounds, can be considered as complementary to GC-MS for volatile compounds QC.

Robertet could have missed out if they hadn’t used the Progenesis QI software.

Are you missing out by not using it?

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