Stop looking; start seeing

We are heading into the busy conference season and it’s an especially exciting time for the Waters and Nonlinear teams as we get ready to showcase complete biomarker discovery workflows based around our new data independent acquisition mode SONAR™. After a launch at HUPO last year we have completed work on data processing compatibility with Progenesis QI and Progenesis QI for Proteomics. Our customers will now be able to dig a little deeper into the Metabolome and Proteome with the Xevo G2-XS. SONAR delivers new levels of selectivity and speed to DIA approaches on a bench top high-resolution mass spectrometer, allowing for more accurate quantitation and more confident biomarker identification.

sonarStop looking. Start seeing

Since the introduction of MSE almost 12 years ago, Waters has been addressing the challenge of getting more from complex untargeted analysis with true Quan/Qual solutions. The more we push the size of our studies, the more we tax our instrument platforms. Compressing gradients to run faster reduces the system peak capacity of our analysis and creates the need for higher selectivity in our mass spectrometer data acquisition systems. Incorporating ion mobility greatly improved MSE on the Synapt and later Vion mass spectrometers by adding a separation prior to TOF analysis. Now SONAR adds selectivity to DIA on the Xevo G2-XS QTof with a rapid scanning quadrupole during mass analysis.

Xevo Capture

Data analysis and workflow flexibility.

The prior work done by Waters electronics engineers to collect LC – ion mobility – MS data on the Synapt gave the Xevo G2-XS a head start with SONAR data collection. With the SONAR data being collected in a similar manner to HDMSE, Progenesis QI was perfectly positioned to complete the SONAR workflow. All of the benefits of Progenesis QI, including alignment, co-detection and comprehensive biomarker identification options mean that we are hitting the ground running. The true beauty of the SONAR data file is it can fall not just into a Progenesis workflow but can be processed by other quantitative workflows such as Skyline and more to follow. Implementing tools such as Symphony allows even greater flexibility and productivity by automating the data processing pipeline.

SONAR, stop looking and start seeing….. with us at ASMS

So if you happen to be at ASMS in June please stop by our booth or hospitality suite, register for our users meeting or one of our breakfast seminars. All the information can be found here at We would be happy to discuss how you can apply SONAR to metabolomics, lipidomics and proteomic research.