New Year, new release

With the new year comes a new release of Progenesis QI, version 2.3. We are making this available free of charge to all our users running v2.0, v2.1 and v2.2.

Here are 3 reasons you might want to upgrade.

1 Symphony support

Symphony_Logo.pngThis upgrade will allow you to use Progenesis QI in conjunction with Symphony data pipeline, so you can conduct the most time-consuming parts of the informatics workflow in parallel to acquisition: Here’s a representation of a timed comparison using the conventional workflow compared to the Symphony workflow.

Diagram showing the informatics workflow speed-up of almost twice using Symphony

In the words of one of our Progenesis QI and Symphony users:

Dr. Paul Skipp

“Symphony offers a solution to address many challenges, providing a platform with automated, flexible and adaptable workflows for high-throughput handling of proteomic data. Just the simple step of being able to seamlessly and automatically copy raw files to a remote file location whilst a column is conditioning, maximises the time we can use the instrument for analysis. Previously, the instrument could be idle for 1-2 hours whilst data is copied to a filestore in preparation for processing. With three Synapts generating data 24/7 in our laboratory, this alone is a major advance.”

“Symphony’s flexibility of being able to execute sample specific workflows directly from the Masslynx sample list will have a major impact on our productivity.”

Paul Skipp, Associate Professor in Proteomics and Centre Director, Centre for Proteomics Research, University of Southampton, UK.

2 SONAR support

SONAR logoProgenesis QI v2.3 has support for SONAR, an exciting new Waters technology that gives increased confidence and speed to busy mass spec/Omics research laboratories that need to get the answer right the first time.  With efficient workflows, SONAR offers new possibilities, with an acquisition mode that collects MS/MS results from a Data Independent Acquisition (DIA) experiment.

3 Usability improvements

We have listened to our users and made some changes that make the Progenesis QI workflow smoother to use. With better zooming, improved flexibility using adducts and exporting known unknowns, Progenesis QI is looking in good shape for 2017!

Would you like to give it a try?  You can download v2.3 here or contact us if you would like to renew your maintenance plan.