Endings and beginnings

It’s been a busy year at Nonlinear, seeing new releases of both Progenesis QI and Progenesis QI for proteomics.  To all of our loyal users, we’d like to say:

Elements from the periodic table spelling out Thank you

We very much appreciate your continued support and partnership in the further development of Progenesis QI.

In addition, we have had some new starters; here’s a little information about them:

Janusz Debski PhD, Applications scientist

Photograph of new starter Dr Janusz Debski, Applications specialist

Janusz joins us with years of experience in mass spectrometry, having spent his career in the laboratory. Prior to joining Nonlinear, he was working as Core Facility Manager in the Mass Spectrometry Laboratory at the Institute of Biochemistry and Biophysics, Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw.

Janusz has experience of great use to us here at Nonlinear, as he really understands the needs of our users, having been responsible for all the aspects of running a core facility.  He understands the pressures that senior scientists have from ensuring tight quality control, writing grant applications, training new staff, designing experiments, data analysis, managing collaborations, and more besides.  It’s really useful for us to have that perspective within our four walls.  Also, Janusz has used mass spectrometers from a number of manufacturers, which is again very helpful, given the multi-vendor nature of Progenesis QI.  We are so pleased to have Janusz on board. 🙂

Paul Henesey: a new addition to the test team

Photograph of new starter Paul Henesey, Test scientist

In Paul’s own words…
“I was born and bred in Wigan. I’ve been an Everton fan from birth, not being built for rugby! Since graduation from Newcastle University with a Genetics degree, I’ve worked as a Cytogeneticist in Leeds, Wellington (NZ) & Sydney (OZ). I subsequently worked for a company that supplied medical devices to the Cytogenetics and Pathology markets. Over the years there, I fulfilled many roles including service & support, QA and R&D test manager.

I’m married to Donna and we have 2 kids, Noah and Alice. Unfortunately for Noah, he also supports Everton! When I’m not taxiing kids to places, I enjoy a round a golf, watching football and I enjoy drinking beer. Since joining Nonlinear, I’ve rediscovered a forgotten love of playing tabletop games and pool!

It’s great to be at Nonlinear. It’s an exciting new challenge to be the latest addition to the development team, specifically as a tester in the test team. I hope to quickly learn about the products, the science and test methods used by the guys here, whilst also bringing my experience to the team to help continue delivering quality software.”

So, now you know about our new starters…

You will be pleased to learn that we have lots of exciting plans for 2017, so do keep reading here. If you have any suggestions for the blog, or would like to contribute, please don’t hesitate to submit them to us – we appreciate your feedback and contributions.

We are now nearly upon the holiday season and our offices will be running at reduced capacity from Friday 23rd December through to Tuesday 3rd January.  Finally, we would like to wish you peace and joy at the close of 2016 and every success in your research for 2017.