Food for thought at RAFA 2015

Last week, I attended the 7th symposium on Recent Advances in Food Analysis with some of my colleagues from NLD and Waters.

The castle at nightThe congress was held in the beautiful city of Prague in the Czech Republic, famous for its old architecture and buildings like the astronomical clock, Charles Bridge and the castle. It was my first time in the Czech Republic and Prague so I took this opportunity to do some sightseeing of Prague by night, with my colleague Martin Wells.

It was a busy 4 day meeting with a lot of interesting presentations on food safety, food contaminants, food fraud and authenticity, and natural toxins.

On Tuesday, there was a great presentation from Zoltan Takats about REIMS (Rapid Evaporative Ionization Mass Spectrometry) and the iKnife, which was originally developed for surgical cancer tissue detection. Interestingly, it can also be used for instantaneous characterisation of different food types, as discussed in one of our previous posts.

There was also the brilliant talk from Chris Elliott on food fraud and food authenticity. After  the horsemeat scandal in 2013, that first hit the UK then spread right across Europe, he was asked by the UK government to conduct an independent review of the UK food supply system. The objective was to determine what had gone wrong and to suggest measures to make the system much more robust from fraud. This resulted in the Elliott Review report.

A good turn out for a talk on CCS values

There is currently great interest in how advances in analytical science can help to combat food fraud, and we’re pleased to say that Progenesis QI is one of these emerging tools being put to the test for suitability for food authenticity studies.

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