"Welcome back!" to Gavin Hope, Principal Software Engineer

We’ve been busy as always at Nonlinear HQ, having been all over the world over the course of the summer attending conferences. We’ve released v2.1 Progenesis QI which sees our first steps into working with Direct Sample Analysis techniques with the iKnife. We’ve also released a free SDF management tool, Progenesis SDF Studio. So, to help us to keep up the pace, we’ve expanded our development team by welcoming back Gavin Hope.


Gavin last worked for Nonlinear back in 2006 before seeking new challenges elsewhere, first as a developer and then as a project manager. He’s now returned to software development and specifically to Nonlinear as he missed the passion of our development team, making high quality software, with a close relationship with our users.

Like a lot of our developers, Gavin is a big fan of strategy board games and a regular attendee of our weekly games night. When not gaming, he enjoys snowboarding, although this hobby has been put somewhat on hold with the recent arrival of his son, whom he’s hoping to have snow-mobile as soon as possible!

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