Progenesis QI v2.1 – available to download now

Back in March, we released Progenesis QI v2.0 and we’re pleased to bring you the news that v2.1 is now available to download. This point release brings further improvements to the identification process as well as a couple of other exciting new features.

What’s New?

  • Improvements to ChemSpider functionality with the option to perform theoretical fragmentation and filter your search results based on elemental composition
  • Integration with the NIST LC-MS MSMS libraries*
  • Integration with the IPA pathways tool from QIAGEN*
  • A new dedicated workflow for Direct Sample Analysis techniques such as REIMS, DESI (non-imaging), DART and LD-TD using a Waters mass spectrometer

*Integration comes as standard, but you must already have a licence for IPA and the NIST libraries are an extra cost option.

Where can I download it?

If you’re an existing customer with an up to date coverwise plan, you will receive an email with a direct download link. If you’re already using v2.0, there’s no need to upgrade your dongle to use this version. In addition, if your Progenesis PC is connected to the internet, there should be a message in the Experiments list sidebar notifying you of this new version – if you click this, and your dongle is plugged in, you’ll be sent to the download page:

Update panel in Progenesis QI

Please note this update will automatically overwrite any previous version currently installed.

If you’re thinking of trying Progenesis QI for the first time, you can download the software from here.

If you want to make use of the NIST libraries, please contact us and a member of our sales team will be happy to help.

How will I know how to get the most out of the new features?

We’ve expanded our FAQs to cover the new features, as well as updating any previously available FAQs to correctly reflect new behaviour.