Strong technical support: a founding principle of Progenesis QI

Everyone can tell a personal tale of poor customer service that they’ve experienced, but here at Nonlinear, we’d like to think that none of those tales will involve us. We take support very seriously indeed, so it’s nice to hear that many of you appreciate the efforts we put into making your use of Progenesis as rewarding an experience as it can be.

Just recently, we’ve added a selection of customer quotes to our website that let you see for yourself that when you buy Progenesis QI, you’re not just getting some software to install – you’re also getting the benefit of our support team’s many, many years of data analysis experience. And you can rest assured that you’ll be supported promptly – something that can’t be said for all software.

Here are just a few examples of what people are saying…

“Technical support is fast and has been very helpful”

“We have been using the new version of Progenesis QI for proteomics to analyze a complex set of samples from an ambitious experiment. New users have got familiar with the application very quickly and have had the opportunity to try different protocols and experimental designs fairly easily. It is user friendly and allows you to go back and forth through the workflow and to clearly visualize the results.

“Moreover, the technical support is fast and has been very helpful every time we needed it. The attention provided by the technical staff from Nonlinear was an added value of Progenesis from the beginning.”

Prof. José Antonio Bárcena
University of Córdoba, Spain

“User-friendly and intuitive and the technical support is great”

“In just a short period of time, Progenesis QI for proteomics has become a key software tool in our data analysis platform. We use it for quick quality checks of our data as well as for complete, integrated label-free quantitative analyses. Its strengths include the accuracy of the alignment algorithm, the highly appreciated QC metrics section and the availability of the multivariate statistics tools. Moreover, it is very user-friendly and intuitive and the technical support is great. A must if you go for label-free!”

Elisabeth Govaert, PhD student
Laboratory of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, Ghent University, Belgium

“As usual, Nonlinear provided wonderful technical support”

“To our surprise, with Progenesis QI for proteomics we practically started getting publishable data within the first few hours. We started writing the paper, while doing more experiments to confirm the quantitation. In 4 weeks, our paper was written! As usual, Nonlinear provided wonderful technical support for us.”

Dr. Lam Yun Wah
Department of Biology and Chemistry, City University of Hong Kong, China

“A prompt response to everything”

“We like Progenesis because it allows us to separate quantification from identification which lets us build complex workflows, it is easy to use which is important in our academic lab, it is very sensitive to finding features of interest, the license system works very well such that we can install Progenesis on many PCs without restriction, and it is easy to use.

“We have worked very well with the Progenesis team for more than 7 years and have great support in terms of prompt response to everything from simple questions to complex features requests.”

Prof. Mark E. McComb
Center for Biomedical Mass Spectrometry, Boston University School of Medicine, Boston, MA, USA

If your support contract is coming to an end, has already ended, or you simply want to extend your contract early to make sure you have continuous cover, get in touch now. And remember, every annual support contract comes with a further year of free upgrades. What’s not to like?! 🙂