Out now – Progenesis QI v2.0

We’re pleased to announce that Progenesis QI v2.0 has been released and is now available to download. This release is focussed on improving the identification process for your compounds – something we know from your feedback is one of the biggest challenges of analysing metabolomics data – but that’s not all that’s new:

What’s New?

Highlights of this release include:

  • Improved access to compound databases: integrated searching of LipidBlast and ChemSpider libraries.
  • Elemental composition elucidation: determine the elemental content of your compound for when you can’t source a suitable database.
  • Pathway analysis: export your identified compounds to IMPaLA.
  • Automated data processing: run from Import Data to Identify Compounds without intervention.
  • Seamless integration with EZinfo 3.0.3: export data from Progenesis for further statistical testing via a single menu-driven command.

You can read about these new features in more detail here.

Where can I download it?

If you’re an existing customer with an up to date coverwise plan, this upgrade is totally free of charge and very simple – you will receive an email with a direct download link as well as specific instructions on how to upgrade your dongle. In addition, if your Progenesis PC is connected to the internet, there should be a message in the Experiments list sidebar notifying you of this new version – if you click this, and your dongle is plugged in, you’ll be sent to the download page.

QI v1.0 with upgrade notice highlighted 1200x800

If you’re thinking of trying Progenesis QI for the first time, you can download the software from here.

How will I know how to get the most out of the new features?

We’ve expanded our FAQs to cover the new features, as well as updating any previously available FAQs to correctly reflect new behaviour.

We’ve also updated our user guide if you’re looking for a step-by-step guide from start to finish.