Nonlinear scales up support and development teams

We’ve been very busy over here at Nonlinear HQ with the recent release of v2.0 of Progenesis QI for proteomics, a number of conferences to prepare for, and training up our 2 most recent additions to the team: Angus and Janusz.

Angus Black

Angus Black, the latest addition to our customer support team, has joined us from a medical devices company that specialises in diagnostics using electrophoretic techniques – in fact, it’s the same company that Vicki joined us from last year.

Angus is an avid music enthusiast (think heavy metal!) and plays  bass in his spare time as part of a band. When he’s not deafening his neighbours, he can be found either at the gym or enjoying a bit of PC gaming.



Janusz NykielJanusz Nykiel is our newest software engineer and has relocated all the way from Wroclaw (Poland) to join us. Developing scientific software is new for Janusz but is the challenge that attracted him to the job initially, having previously worked on shrink-wrap, line-of-business software.

Janusz is another fan of heavy music and also enjoys console gaming.



I’m pleased to say they’ve both settled in extremely well, with plenty to keep them busy now that development work for v2.0 of Progenesis QI is well underway. You’ll be making use of Janusz’s work in all future releases of Progenesis, and if you’ve got a query on the use of the software, if you email our support team, you may find Angus is the one to help you out.