Three years and a million thanks!

andyHi, I’m Andy, a software engineering intern at Nonlinear Dynamics. I recently graduated from Newcastle University with a degree in Computing Science, having also spent the past three summers at Nonlinear as a way of gaining hands-on experience to complement my academic studies.

What I’ve worked on

In my time here, I’ve worked on tasks of increasing depth and difficulty:

  • My first internship saw me working with another student to develop an in-house tool to analyse and react to trends in the issues being reported from our software.
  • During my second internship, I was responsible for my own project, indexing all of our test datasets, allowing the development team to efficiently find the data they need to test new features. Managing the project myself meant that I was in charge of organising and prioritising tasks, and responsible for the project in each stage of the software development life cycle.
  • This year, I’ve been working on something slightly different: an SDF Viewer. The tool will be made available later this year and will make processing SDF files much easier by helping to combat the issue of badly formatted compound databases for use with Progenesis QI.

All of my internships have been great experiences, giving me first-hand insight into working as a professional software engineer in a world-leading company. This year’s project, however, has been especially rewarding; knowing that I’ve contributed to software that will make it into the hands of research scientists all over the world is a real buzz. 🙂 I’m delighted to have been able to develop it for you and, while it’s not quite complete yet, I’m really looking forward to its launch!

The Nonlinear Dynamics Experience

One of the best things about Nonlinear Dynamics is the relaxed, flexible working environment. I can explore new ideas, develop innovative solutions to problems, and learn freely. Here, I’m able to plug in my headphones and work independently, or, when necessary, collaborate with my more experienced colleagues. They’ve always been available, and keen to discuss the progression of my project whenever I need reassurance or guidance.

Each summer working here has pushed my abilities. I’ve gained new skills and had the opportunity to improve upon things I had been introduced to at university. The enthusiasm of my colleagues has been contagious and inspiring, and I now feel confident in my ability to develop software as part of a team, to meet deadlines, and to create useful software.

I can’t thank Nonlinear Dynamics enough for this brilliant leg-up in my academic progression and future career as a software engineer. It’s an exciting, cutting-edge company and the learning and experiences I have gained here have been invaluable. If you’re a software developer looking for a new challenge, I can heartily recommend keeping an eye out for job vacancies with Nonlinear. Hint: at the time of writing, they’re currently recruiting — tell them I sent you! 😉