Progenesis QI: Big in Japan

At the end of June I headed across to Tsuruoka, Japan for the 10th Annual International Conference of the Metabolomics Society along with some of my colleagues from Nonlinear. With metabolomics still being a relatively new field for us, this was only the 2nd time we’d attended this conference so it was interesting to see how many more people are starting to associate the Progenesis name with not just proteomics, but small molecules analysis too.


Interestingly for us there were a lot of talks focussed on software – something that came up was the importance of dedicated software testing, which some bespoke solutions lack; an example was made of an institute retracting 5 previously published papers due to software driven errors. One of the benefits of commercial software, such as Progenesis is the availability of a dedicated software testing team – in fact we’ve recently expanded ours.

Another recurrent theme was the challenges scientists face when identifying their metabolites, specifically sourcing suitable databases. It was therefore great to be able to talk people through the approach Progenesis QI takes, including the availability of theoretical fragmentation and the flexibility of what databases can be used.

One of the last talks of the conference was delivered by Matthew Lewis from the Phenome Centre who talked about how they’ve been putting Progenesis QI through its paces with thousands of LC-MS runs with emphasis on stabilisation for large scale experiments. One of the challenges faced is the ability for software to handle large data sets, and at Nonlinear we’ve been working hard to optimise use of the software for large scale experiments and have been pleased to work alongside the Phenome Centre to achieve this.

In the evenings we were free to explore the city of Tsuruoka and everything it had to offer, which was largely lots of games of darts(!), and as expected, some very tasty food.

A night out playing dartsEnjoying the local cuisine

In all the conference was a success, helping us to both spread the word of Progenesis QI and also a chance to listen to what the current challenges are to help guide the development of our next release. If you’d like to try Progenesis QI with your own data, get in touch and we’ll arrange a demo. Until then, sayōnara!