Sun, saunas and science – the 2014 Nordic Proteomics Conference

Last week I attended the 2014 Nordic Proteomics Conference in the beautiful city of Turku-Åbo, the oldest city in Finland. For those who don’t know, Finland has historic ties with Sweden and Russia which explains Turku’s two names: Turku, the Finnish name and Åbo the Swedish name of the same city.

The weather was unexpectedly warm this year, so the original networking events and Nordic adventures scheduled by the organisers – skiing, skating, ice fishing – were cancelled as there was no snow!! But we could still enjoy the famous Smoked Finnish Sauna in Herrankukkaro, an atmospheric old fisherman’s village which is located in Rymättylä in the Turku archipelago. I have to say it may seem a little strange catching up with existing users or meeting new people in a swimsuit, but actually it was really pleasant as everyone was feeling very relaxed and friendly. It’s definitely an experience I warmly recommend!

Regarding the conference itself, the main topic this year was quantitative proteomics and there were some interesting talks with a good balance between targeted quantification, bioinformatics, labelled, and label-free quantification. As Progenesis is designed for label-free quantification of peptides and proteins, it was the perfect place to show off the latest features and improvements.

This year Nonlinear Dynamics was exhibiting along with Waters so it was a good opportunity for the users of TransOmics™ Informatics for Proteomics to meet directly with us and discuss some specific points regarding the software.

Nordic 2

If you missed the Nordic meeting, you’ll have the opportunity to meet my colleagues at the end of March in Chester for the ProteoMMX meeting, another quantitative meeting!