ProteoMMX 3.0 – Strictly Quantitative

One of the nicest parts of being a salesperson is that you get to go to conferences. I always think it’s a bit like a music festival in that it is a transient event – very much in the here-and-now, a meeting of minds. And every single conference is completely different!

I am getting excited about the ProteoMMX 3.0 – Strictly Quantitative meeting in my beautiful, historic hometown of Chester; having attended the previous meeting in 2012, I found it was a very honest exchange about the problems that we face in proteomics.  This year the meeting is in association with  BSPR. There’s also a course on Quantitative Proteomics and data analysis run by the Biochemical Society, so it should be quite a packed event.

The best part of conferences is catching up with our users, having a coffee with them, discussing points of interest and hearing their experiences of Progenesis.  Here’s a very recent quote from one such user:

“Progenesis LC-MS is increasingly becoming a vital tool in high-throughput proteomics promoting numerous breakthroughs. Its user-friendly, simple and elegant approach allows even students such as myself to contribute highly in the scientific community.”
Achilleas Livieratos
Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics, Wolfson College, Oxford University, UK

This year I feel quite spoilt because not only will my Nonlinear Dynamics colleagues Martin Wells and Vicki Elliff be attending, but our neighbours in the exhibition area are our new colleagues from Waters. Martin is Nonlinear’s EU sales manager and Vicki is our support coordinator, so it’s a star-studded cast!

If the 2012 meeting is anything to go by, this meeting is well worth attending. In fact, I’d give it a ‘Strictly 10’.  I hope to see you there 🙂