A report from EuPA 2013, St Malo

La plage, St MaloHaving a love of oysters and coasts in general, I was the first to stick my hand up to attend EuPA 2013 in hauntingly beautiful St Malo. I was accompanied by Agnès Corbin and Andy Borthwick from Nonlinear Dynamics.

And what a conference it was! It’s the first conference that I’ve attended since Nonlinear Dynamics was acquired by Waters Corporation and we got along swimmingly.

I also got along swimmingly, quite literally, with Emøke Benedixon of Aarhus University! We had an early morning swim in the sea before the conference days got started. I had met Emøke at the ‘Opening Ceremony and Welcome Reception’ which was just wonderful. It was a whole evening of gorgeous canapés and, of course, oysters!

The reception was great for mixing with customers and also meeting new people. It was also very nice to have the whole evening in the same place, especially when we had made a long journey to get to the conference.

The conference progressed and we had many visitors to our stand. I think Agnès and Andy were mentally tired by the end because we were so busy, but the delicious food and pumpkin soup kept us going. And the pumpkin soup was served in the most ENORMOUS pumpkin I have ever seen!

Juliet and the Pumpkin

There was, as usual, a lot of interest in our Progenesis LC-MS and Progenesis CoMet technology. Here’s a quote from one of the visitors to our stand, Dr Luc Camoin of the Cancer Research Centre in Marseille:

“Progenesis LC-MS software was introduced in our proteomics facility during the project of a master’s student. Despite student’s lack of experience in proteomics, the handling of the software was not a problem. The software was quickly evaluated thanks to a logical step by step intuitive presentation, user friendly interface and support from Nonlinear Dynamics.

Progenesis LC-MS has revolutionized our data analysis. In conjunction with high resolution LC-MS spectra, the software yields a complete comparison of a few dozen of LC-Run from complex samples in only a few hours. In our clinical analyses of biological fluids and tissues, we have to manage complex samples from individual patients. The label-free approach provided by Progenesis LC-MS yields a deeper proteome identification and quantification than isotopic labelling methods such as iTRAQ and SILAC. We obtain a higher number of identified and quantified proteins in less time and fractionation.

The multivariate statistics and the alignment algorithm are the cornerstones of the software. The power of the alignment algorithm allows perfect matching of LC-MS Runs. Statistical tools permit a relatively simple control of experimental integrity and help to focus on significant MS1 peptides. In conclusion, our purchase of Progenesis LC-MS has opened a new area in differential proteomics quantification, challenging isotopic labelling approaches.”

We are always happy to see our users at these conferences. It is a chance to catch up, answer questions and receive feedback.

If you want to see us in 2013, you will find us at:

We look forward to seeing, talking… and maybe even swimming with you!