Nonlinear Dynamics at the 12th HUPO World Congress

hupo-2103-imageWe are getting ready to attend the HUPO 12th Annual World Congress which starts in Yokohama, Japan on Saturday 14th September. This year’s theme is “The Evolution of Technology in Proteomics”, something Nonlinear is dedicated to as they support researchers with new software solutions.

Nonlinear will be exhibiting alongside our long-standing Japanese distributor, SCRUM, on booth #28 – so we can provide you with local support to access the latest software for proteomics data analysis.

You can see the current version of Progenesis LC-MS introduced in March this year with features designed to save you time and increase objectivity of your proteomics analysis, regardless of the type of MS instrument you acquire.

The diversity of vendor data formats and workflows we support has also been enhanced with a plug-in to directly import ABSCIEX WIFF files as well as an expanded range of plug-ins to support search engines and databases for protein identification. The latest additions to the line-up include:

  • ProteinPilot
  • EasyProt
  • Scaffold
  • PEAKS studio
  • Byonic

Interested in analysis of labelled samples?

If you need to analyse SILAC experiments as well as label-free samples for quantitative proteomics then we can also introduce you to the Progenesis Post-Processor. This is a software toolkit, developed by Andy Jones and the Protein Function Group at the University of Liverpool here in the UK. It’s freely available to our customers and our previous blog-post shows how it allows you to perform stable isotope and top3 quantification from data generated by Progenesis LC-MS.

What is on the agenda at HUPO 2013?

This year the HUPO organisation has broadened the scope of the program to include related fields such as agricultural proteomics, plant and food proteomics. There is also a growing interest in using genomic and metabolomics analysis results alongside proteomics to provide a systems biology view of your samples and uncover the biology of model organisms or diseases.

I’ll be attending these and other talks, so you can hear what is happening live at the event by following Nonlinear’s Twitter account (@NonlinearDotCom). I’m particularly looking forward to sharing latest developments from the Human Proteome Project (HPP). As Nonlinear’s HUPO Industrial Advisory Board member I’m taking part in  workshops aimed at evolving technologies and an approach to ensure reliable results can be replicated across labs for this global, multi-site project.

If you are making the long journey to Yokohama (well, long for me anyway) then we look forward to seeing you there at booth #28. If you are unable to attend, then I look forward to sharing the latest news with you or, you can contact us to hear about how we can support your proteomics research.