ASMS 2013 and Fragmentation Support in Progenesis CoMet

A couple of weeks ago, Nonlinear Dynamics attended the 61st annual conference of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This was my second ASMS, having also attended in Vancouver last year. Attending for a second year in a row was a great opportunity to catch up with all the customers and collaborators that I’d met last year.

The Minneapolis skyline by IrishFireside on Flickr

This year, we were presenting technology previews of forthcoming versions of our Progenesis LC-MS proteomics product and Progenesis CoMet metabolomics product, as well as supporting Waters with their TransOmics™ Informatics versions of our software.

Delegates seemed particularly excited about the fragmentation support coming in the next version of CoMet. The preview build we had with us showed the ability to compare the MS/MS information associated with compound ions to a theoretical fragmentation of their putative identifications. Using the run’s fragmentation data like this massively increases the power to resolve the ions’ genuine identifications. This allows you to differentiate isomers that share a chemical formula, but have different molecular structures.

Progenesis CoMet fragmentation support

In addition to working on our booth in the exhibition hall and in the Waters corporate hospitality suite, I also presented a poster on using Progenesis CoMet for comparing drought stressed and control legumes on behalf of a collaborator. The research compared samples from each condition to see which metabolites were differentially expressed, thereby identifying over 1,000 metabolites involved in drought stress for the purposes of developing drought-resistant crops. It was my first time presenting a scientific poster for many years and it was nice to be involved with the scientific side of the conference, not just the exhibition side of it. People seemed very interested in the Progenesis CoMet software, and in particular its use for analysing food crops.

If you weren’t able to meet us at ASMS this year, we can give you your own personal preview of the features being added to Progenesis CoMet for metabolomics and Progenesis LC-MS for proteomics. Contact us and we can arrange a demonstration using your own data.