ASMS 2013 starts this weekend–come and see us!

It’s that time of year again when we are completing our final preparations for the American Society of Mass Spectrometry (ASMS) annual conference which starts on Sunday, 9th June. It is the 61st year of the meeting which is taking place in Minneapolis, MN at the Minneapolis Convention Center, and over 6,500 scientists are expected to attend.

Nonlinear are exhibiting at the conference – you can find us at booth #54where we will be showing the very latest releases in the Progenesis range for metabolomics and proteomics

ASMS Offer – try Progenesis for free on your own sample runs

Progenesis LC-MS v4.1 and Progenesis CoMet v2.0  are both available for demo and evaluation – see the latest releases and collect your free licence code which will allow you to analyse your own sample runs in the software.

Using Progenesis LC-MS in your proteomics research, you will benefit from:

  • Support for workflows that increase protein and proteome coverage
  • No missing values in your data for valid multivariate statistics
  • Reduced instrument time and research costs with the analysis of label-free complex samples
  • Support for fractionated sample analysis
  • Easy export of protein quantification and identification data for further downstream bioinformatics
  • The flexibility to use a range of instruments

We can also give you an insight into the future developments of Progenesis LC-MS – find out what we’re currently working on.




If you are interested in Metabolomics, Progenesis CoMet offers the benefits of:

  • A single streamlined workflow to quantify-then-identify significantly changing compounds
  • An integrated search tool  which can search external compound databases
  • Highly accurate quantification
  • Automatic deconvolution of compound ions for reliable relative quantification and refined database searches
  • No missing values in your data so  valid multivariate statistical analysis can be applied
  • The flexibility to use a range of instruments

We are also showing some exciting new developments for the first time at ASMS. The next release of Progenesis CoMet will include fragmentation support for the identification workflow. Be one of the first to see this new advance.








We’d love you to stop by so we can hear about your research and maybe show you the latest developments in the software. If you’d like to line up an appointment to meet one of our data analysis specialists, please contact us.

Keep in touch with events in Minneapolis by following our Twitter feed. We hope to see you there Smile