Support for AB SCIEX WIFF files in Progenesis and wider search engine support

We’re always looking to improve our support for vendor specific data formats, and we are pleased to announce that Progenesis LC‑MS and Progenesis CoMet now support direct loading of AB SCIEX WIFF files.

Previously, we recommended users of AB SCIEX machines convert their WIFF files to mzML prior to importing into Progenesis. The release of this new plugin removes this conversion step, which we hope will further streamline the workflow of our customers with AB SCIEX machines.

AB SCIEX plugin download

Support for WIFF files is provided as a plugin, which can be downloaded free of charge from these locations:

Other plugins

We’ve also released two brand new peptide search engine plugins for Progenesis LC‑MS, and made improvements to another:

  • ProteinPilot search plugin (LC-MS)
    Provides support for importing search results produced by analysing WIFF files in ProteinPilot.
  • EasyProt search plugin (LC-MS)
    Provides support for importing search results generated by EasyProt.
  • Scaffold search plugin (LC-MS)
    Improved support for experiments that have been analysed using SEQUEST.

We offer a wide range of data import, search engine, and inclusion list plugins for both Progenesis LC‑MS and Progenesis CoMet, and we will continue to improve this selection as we receive requests.

So, if you’d like to see support for a data format, search engine or inclusion list format that we don’t currently support, please contact us to discuss your needs and we’ll see how we can help.