A new release of Progenesis LC-MS. Version 4.1 now available

Progenesis LC-MS has been developed to help you find and quantify the proteins showing interesting behaviour in your label-free samples. The benefits of using this software are wide-ranging, including accurate protein quantification, minimal data loss in your experiments, increased protein coverage and much more.

We have been working hard on a new release of Progenesis LC-MS, and I’m happy to announce it is now available! In this post, we are highlighting the very latest developments in the software, so you can see what our development team has been working on.

The focus of this release is automation and quality assurance, features that we believe will be  important to most researchers, so we hope that you will be as excited about this new release as we are. These changes can radically change the way you work with the software, freeing up more of your valuable research time and giving you more confidence in your results.

What’s New in Progenesis LC-MS v4.1?

  • Reference run selection and alignment can be started, and the runs will be processed automatically as they load – you can leave it to process without any further interaction
  • The alignment reference can be selected automatically by the software, increasing objectivity and reproducibility of your analysis results


  • There are new alignment quality measures so you can be confident that your downstream analysis steps will deliver reliable results
  • Your experiment design can be set up from an imported file which contains your group set-up
  • Fast review of any step in a completed analysis is now possible – you no longer have to move stepwise through all of the analysis steps
  • A clip gallery has been introduced so you can capture print quality images from some of the most important data displays which can be used in posters and presentations
  • Some user interface changes and bug fixes (more details available on the update flyer)

Automated data processing summarised in Progenesis LC-MS v4.1

Automated Data Processing in Progenesis LC-MS v4.1

There is more information on the improvements to data processing in our new FAQ or you can run through an analysis yourself by downloading the software, and analysing the tutorial data set. If you would like to analyse some of your own data — as we know you’ll want to see how the software performs on some of your own runs — please contact us.