The one reason you should join the Progenesis Improvement Program

Because it’s in your interest; you’ll get better, faster software as a result. 🙂

But there are other reasons too:

  • It’s completely automated, so you won’t ever have to do anything after opting in
  • If you ever change your mind, you’re in control; you can opt-out instantly, at any time
  • We only collect information that helps us understand how people use our software, not anything that would allow us to look at your analysis
  • It won’t affect the speed of your analysis
  • It’s genuinely in your interest (keep reading for more information…)

“But wait a second… what is the Progenesis Improvement Program?”

Good question. When you opt-in to the program, the software will collect information about how it’s being used and about any problems you encounter. Back at Nonlinear HQ, we can then use this information to identify which features are used most heavily, which are rarely used, and which parts of the analysis are fast or slow. This helps us to see where we need to improve performance, where we could add a small but helpful feature, where we need better instructions, and much more.

All of this should result in better software for you; software that helps you more in your research.

“Okay, you’ve convinced me. How do I opt in?”

We’ll be rolling out the Progenesis Improvement Program in the next releases of all Progenesis products. The first time you launch Progenesis software that supports it, you’ll see the following prompt (shown here for Progenesis LC-MS):


To join the program, simply select the first option and click OK. And that will be the last time you’re interrupted; you’ll never be asked for any more information. If you’ve already opted out, but now want to take part, just launch the software and select the Progenesis Improvement Program option from the File menu to change your settings. Of course, if you ever want to opt out again, you can do that from the initial screen’s File menu too.

One last plea from Mal Ross

Mal Ross, software developerSpeaking on behalf of the Progenesis development team, I have to say that we’ve put a lot of thought into this program. We know that many people tend to opt out of programs like this, and we understand that. However, we really do feel this is worthwhile. This is about making analysis easier and about your productivity; it’s data that can help me and my fellow developers to help you, not data about your personal life.

If you’ve already opted out, I fully respect that – you’re very much in control. But if you’re undecided, please do give it a try – we would really appreciate your contribution.

Thanks for listening,