Number of publications citing Progenesis for quantitative proteomics continues to increase

We’ve been keeping track of the number of papers that we can find citing Progenesis SameSpots or Progenesis LC-MS  for over 4 years now.  January is often a time to reflect back on the previous year, so how did the number of publications in 2012 compare to previous years?

You can see the number of publications citing either Progenesis LC-MS or Progenesis SameSpots  continues to rise and shows no sign of slowing down.


(Left) Number of publications found citing Progenesis LC-MS from 2009-2012 (Right) Number of publications found citing Progenesis SameSpots from 2007-2012

Both products have been developed to solve the specific challenges of analysing quantitative proteomics data from 2D-gel based analysis and label-free LC-MS/MS based analysis. The continuing rise in publications citing the Progenesis software suggests quantitative proteomics, as well as the use of 2D gels analysis and label-free LC-MS, continue to be actively used in supporting research around the world.

Benefits of using Progenesis software

The increasing use of Progenesis SameSpots and Progenesis LC-MS suggests greater recognition of applying effective, well-designed data analysis software and not just being restricted to the software that comes with the instruments used.  Applying Progenesis can help you to increase throughput, get more reliable data and support multiple workflows.

We’ll continue to monitor these publication trends throughout 2013 and hope to continue seeing them rise as our customers realise the range of applications supported by Progenesis SameSpots (e.g. analysing secondary-stained gels) or Progenesis LC-MS (e.g. analysis of fractionated samples). And you can now use Progenesis LC-MS for analysing SILAC labelled data as well as “Top X” absolute quantification with the Progenesis Post-Processor.

If you would like to see how Progenesis SameSpots or Progenesis LC-MS can support your quantitative proteomics methods, then get in touch, and we can arrange a trial with your data.