At last! Pain-free reviewing in the Progenesis workflow

One of the great benefits of all of the software in the Progenesis range is the visualization of your data throughout the analysis process. Being able to skip back and review any stage of the analysis gives you confidence in that analysis and the freedom to explore your data.

The fully-enabled workflow of Progenesis CoMet v2.0

For a long time, however, there was also a small cost associated with this: if you skipped back to the first screen, you ended up having to step through all subsequent screens, one at a time, to get back to the analysis results. Speaking as a software developer (and therefore also a software tester), this has been a constant irritation – even to me – so it’s with great delight that I can say it will soon be a thing of the past.

In the next major release of all Progenesis products, you’ll be able to move around in the workflow to any screen for which there’s analysed data, directly. That is, in a fully-analysed experiment, you’ll no longer have to step forwards one screen at a time. In fact, Progenesis CoMet v2.0, released at the end of 2012, has this feature already.

So… what’s your pain point?

I realise this may not sound like a major new feature, but it’s usability issues like this that can make the difference between a straightforward analysis and a day of tearing your hair out. With every release of our software, we aim to remove pain points like this, helping to make your analysis smoother and, dare I say it, a more enjoyable experience.

If there’s any part of your typical analysis that you feel is frustrating, tedious, or simply too slow, we want to hear about it. The more reports we receive from users like yourself, the better we can prioritise our usability improvements. Send us your top 3 wishes for a simpler analysis today. Thanks!