Monthly Archives: January 2013

Number of publications citing Progenesis for quantitative proteomics continues to increase

We’ve been keeping track of the number of papers that we can find citing Progenesis SameSpots or Progenesis LC-MS  for over 4 years now.  January is often a time to reflect back on the previous year, so how did the number of publications in 2012 compare to previous years? You can see the number of […]

At last! Pain-free reviewing in the Progenesis workflow

One of the great benefits of all of the software in the Progenesis range is the visualization of your data throughout the analysis process. Being able to skip back and review any stage of the analysis gives you confidence in that analysis and the freedom to explore your data. For a long time, however, there […]

Progenesis CoMet v2.0 released for LC-MS-based metabolomics

Early last year we announced a beta version of Progenesis CoMet v2.0 was available so we could get feedback on a radical new workflow we introduced.  After showing it to many metabolomics researchers and finalising the development work we have now released Progenesis CoMet v2.0. The latest version has new features but retains the benefits […]