Upgrade your Progenesis SameSpots licence with our special offer

Progenesis SameSpots was launched to market in 2006, offering users a revolutionary new approach to 2D gel analysis. The technology has been widely adopted, with some of the leading research groups worldwide benefitting from analysis times of 5 minutes per gel, reproducible analysis and data with no missing values allowing robust statistical analysis.

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The current release of Progenesis SameSpots is version 4.5, and there have been 9 releases over the past 6 years. Consequently, not all of our users have the most recent version of the software.

The software has been developed in response to customer feedback – so there are a lot of new features and workflows, but also there have been improvements in usability and automation.

We would like our customers to be using the best technology available for their 2DE and DIGE analysis, so we have a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! For a limited time only, we are running an upgrade offer. Starting from today, no matter which version of SameSpots you currently have, you can upgrade to version 4.5 for the prices below. All of the upgrade prices include 12 months’ technical support.

SameSpots Offer

In the latest version of SameSpots (version 4.5), we have:

  • The ability to import protein identifications so you can put your 2D results into biological context
  • Increased automation – the software automatically selects your reference gel for auto-alignment
  • A clip gallery to make it easier to capture images and tables for posters and publications
  • A gel quality control workflow called SpotCheck

And these are just the very latest features if you were to upgrade from v4.0, if you are using an earlier version of the software the differences in functionality are huge. To find out the new features you could get click on your version number below:

If you need any help in determining which version of SameSpots you have, then please contact us and we’d be happy to help.

You’ve got an old version of SameSpots – what now?

Contact us!! We’d be happy to walk you through some of the new features that you would get by upgrading your licence. Alternatively, please visit the website to find out more information on the current release.

This offer will end on Friday 21st December 2012, so please don’t miss out.