The Olympics have come to town!

At Nonlinear Dynamics we are all very excited as the Olympics have come to town! Our headquarters are in the city of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, in the north-east of England, which has a famous football stadium called St James’ Park.  This magnificent venue has been selected to hold 9 Olympic football matches, including a men’s and women’s quarter final.

As we are part of London 2012, there are some Olympic decorations in Newcastle to welcome visitors to the matches. The iconic Tyne Bridge, which we have a great view of from our offices,  is now sporting Olympic rings which are the largest in the UK measuring 25m wide by 12m high.

Olympic Rings on Tyne Bridge

Of course most of the action will be based in and around London, with the addition of many new venues including the Olympic Stadium itself,  the Aquatics Centre and the Velopark to name just a few, but it is to the Water Polo Arena, where my colleague John Renney is heading.

John is passionate about sport, and as a former Junior GB steeplechase athlete, he knows a thing or two about competing at the very top. When it was announced that the Olympics were coming to London, John knew he wanted to be involved in some way.

Back in 2011, he completed an application form to work as a volunteer at the Olympics in London and has since been offered a role working as  Games Maker at the Water Polo Arena in the Olympic Park. A couple of trips from Newcastle to London followed, so John could collect his uniform and receive full training, and now he is all set to go.

We are all very proud to have someone from Nonlinear in the thick of it at the Olympics, and John kindly brought his uniform into the office so we could take some pictures. He was a reluctant model, but we got there in the end. Smile


John’s trip won’t all be work as he has managed to secure some tickets for the Athletics and will get to see the coveted men’s 100m final. We all hope he has a great time!

The opening ceremony  opens the games tonight. I will certainly be glued to my TV to see what surprises the organisers have in store for us.

We wish all the competitors at London 2012 the best of luck, and here’s hoping that it is a memorable Olympics.

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