Some recent conference news from our US office

Some news and photos of the recent conferences we have attended in the US.

Experimental Biology: San Diego Conference Centre (April 22-24th)

We arrived in San Diego to set up our booth on Saturday and the exhibition didn’t start until Sunday so this gave us a chance to explore San Diego and take in a San Diego Padres baseball game. Having them win was a bonus and set us up nicely for a very busy few days at the conference itself.

booth pics 2 adjIMG_1386

Experimental Biology is a large and varied meeting with the 5 Society themes dominating the content: Anatomy, Biochemistry, Nutrition, Physiology and Pathology. There were 10,000 scientific attendees and another 3,500 exhibitors, with over 1,500 posters on display showing a diverse set of analytical techniques applicable to each of the five main themes.

The main interest from visitors to our booth was in Progenesis SameSpots and Progenesis LC-MS, our solutions for proteomics data analysis. One of the things in particular that people liked were the ion intensity maps, which allow you to view your runs as you import them into the Progenesis LC-MS software. Visualizing the data generated by LC-MS is big challenge for researchers and it is something Progenesis software is becoming recognized for. Another trend that was reported to us during the event was the rising interest in 2DE across the Far East, which is reflected by the increasing number of publications from these countries that apply 2D gel analysis.

So a fun but exhausting few days with so much going on, but then we moved on to……

103rd AOCs Annual Meeting and Expo : Long Beach (April 29th – May 2nd)

The convention center was located very close to the Harbor not far from the Queen Mary Cruise liner which is now a hotel and visitor attraction.  The weather on the Sunday was beautiful so we took advantage of the scenery and walked around the harbor after set up was complete.


This was the first time we have attended this conference and we arrived to find a complementary plant welcoming us to the conference as a first time attendee. This was a nice touch!


Research into edible oils and refined oils appear the main focus of the conference. Also, a lot of work is being done on the stability of foodstuffs with reference to measurement of oil related compounds, how the products are transport and stored. This also brings into question the process of foodstuff storage and breakdown. So, much of the research presented related to analysis of lipids, both targeted and untargeted, using LC-MS as well as GC-MS techniques.

This meant there was a lot of interest in Progenesis CoMet and researchers in the field of lipidomics seem to understand what is needed to overcome many of the challenges that proteomics has faced. People we met at our booth already understood the need for well designed experiments and robust statistical analysis. Some of the features that drew attention were the PCA plots and the correlation analysis dendrogram within the software. The general opinions given from these group of researchers was that if you can’t generate good statistical validation of the question you are asking then don’t even bother asking the question.

Since this was our first time attending the conference it was a bit of an unknown as to how our products would be received but we were pleasantly surprised to find quite a range of potential applications and we had multiple comments complementing us on the design of the software saying how easy the user interface looked for analysing complex data. This is where Progenesis CoMet can help with large-scale analysis of lipids and other compounds.

We now have a short time to draw breath before ASMS which starts this weekend in Vancouver. Hope to see you there, keep an eye on Twitter and the blog for our latest news.