Free download: improved cross-platform support in CoMet and LC-MS

In recent months, we’ve broadened our support for data file formats in the latest versions of both Progenesis LC-MS and Progenesis CoMet. Thanks to the plug-in architecture that we use in Progenesis, you can get these improvements today, free of charge.

mzML and netCDF support for Progenesis CoMet

Earlier this month, we introduced support for both the netCDF and mzML run file formats in Progenesis CoMet. Consequently, if your lab uses a Shimadzu ion trap or an instrument from AB Sciex, you too can now try out Progenesis CoMet on your own data.

  • For Shimadzu instruments, export your runs as netCDF using the relevant data export module
  • For ABSciex machines, convert your WIFF files to mzML using the MS Data Converter

Other improvements

Four other plugins have also been updated to provide enhanced support:

  • Thermo .RAW files (LC-MS | CoMet)
    Improved diagnostics and wider support for files produced on Orbitrap Elite instruments.
  • Proteome Discoverer (LC-MS)
    Now supports .xlsx files as well as the older .xls format.
  • Waters .Raw folders (LC-MS | CoMet)
    Now includes support for MassLynx v4.1 centroided data.
  • Bruker Daltonics .d folders (LC-MS | CoMet)
    Improved diagnostics for runs that fail to import (typically requires CompassXport to be installed).

As you can see, despite already offering a wide range of file format support, we remain committed to continually improving it. Keep an eye on both the blog and the help panel at the right side of your software’s welcome screen for further updates in the future. And if your preferred file format, search engine, or inclusion list format isn’t yet supported, get in touch to let us know. Who knows – maybe your update could be listed here next time? 🙂