First look: new features in Progenesis SameSpots v4.5

We have been working on the next release of Progenesis SameSpots and I’m pleased to say that v4.5 is now in its final testing phase and will be released very soon.

So…what’s new?

Clip gallery

For most researchers, the output of their work is the presentation of results in a poster or publication. We wanted to make it easier for SameSpots users to capture images and tables as they work through their analysis, so we developed the Clip Gallery.

Add to Clip Gallery window Clip Gallery window

You simply right click on the image or table you wish to save and you get the option to add a title and some notes which will help when you are putting together your poster or publication. Images are saved as high resolution .png files (300 dpi) which are ideal for print.

If you are writing your publication or poster on a different computer to the one which has SameSpots installed, you can export all of the clips you have saved to a memory stick.

Protein data import

The workflow has been extended so you can now link database search results back to the protein spot from which they originated. This joins up 2D analysis results with MS-based protein identification so you can more easily put 2D results into biological context. Protein identifications can be imported and viewed in the results tables in SameSpots or exported as a .csv file.

This also allows you to use molecular weight markers to cross check the protein search results and help confirm your protein IDs.

We currently support Mascot and .csv data, but we could look at others if there were demand from our customers. Please contact us to discuss.

Automatic reference gel selection

We want to make the SameSpots workflow as objective as possible, as this helps with the reproducibility of results. Previously, reference gel selection was done manually by the user. Now, SameSpots automatically chooses which gel would make the best reference. It does this by doing a quick check to ascertain which gel image gives the best alignment results.

There is still the option to select your own reference gel if you wish to do so.

And more…

  • Welcome screenWe have redesigned the software home page to include links to the SameSpots support materials and show the latest news and updates from Nonlinear. The new search facility means you can quickly locate experiments in your list.  If you can’t remember where you saved your experiment, there is a link to open the folder location.
  • If you use manual picking, it could sometimes get tricky when the spot numbering on the image to guide your picking was obscuring your view. We have made some improvements to make this clearer, and you also have the option to switch off the spot numbers if you don’t need them.

I hope that some of these features are what you have been waiting for. If you have any questions, or want more information, please get in touch, we’d like to hear from you.