Monthly Archives: October 2011

8 quality metrics for your 2D gel images

It is a widely-accepted truth in scientific research that the quality of your results is dependent on the quality of raw data you analyse. Or to put it more bluntly, it’s a case of garbage in, garbage out. From the very start of our SameSpots development, we understood the negative effect that poor image quality […]

Analysing a fractionated mouse serum peptidome using Progenesis LC-MS

As a follow up to my last blog post on analysis of fractionated samples using Progenesis LC-MS, here is a published example. Geun-Cheol Gil, Jim Brennan, Dan Throckmorton, Steven Branda and Gabriela Chirica from the Systems Biology department at Sandia National Laboratories (CA, USA) studied the mouse serum proteome using a fractionation approach1. The study […]

First look: new features in Progenesis SameSpots v4.5

We have been working on the next release of Progenesis SameSpots and I’m pleased to say that v4.5 is now in its final testing phase and will be released very soon. So…what’s new? Clip gallery For most researchers, the output of their work is the presentation of results in a poster or publication. We wanted […]