HUPO 2011–see the latest Progenesis developments

This week is one of the most important week’s on our conference calendar as we are attending the HUPO 10th Annual World Congress which starts on Sunday 4th Sept.  We are looking forward to an action packed 4 days of scientific presentations, posters and of course the exhibition hall which will be showcasing all of the latest technologies.

The HUPO conference switches location each year,  rotating between USA, Asia-Pacific and Europe. So it’s Europe’s turn this year and Geneva in Switzerland is where the leading proteomics researchers will be heading.

Nonlinear have lots of new developments to show at this year’s HUPO and I wanted to pass on some of the highlights which you can see on our booth # 1433.

  • NEW RELEASE for label-free LC-MSProgenesis LC-MS  – this is the very first chance to see  the latest release which has an extended workflow for quantification and identification of proteins – including protein statistics. There is also a new feature to support Gas-Phase Fractionation (GPF), which helps increase proteome coverage, as shown in our previous post.


  • For metabolomics researchersProgenesis CoMet – introduced earlier this year for the analysis of LC-MS and GC-MS data to discover and reliably quantify compounds and metabolites that are significantly changing in your samples.

codetection-io52-zoomed-viewlow-res-detection-overlapping peptides

  • For 2D and DIGE Progenesis SameSpots – get a demo of the latest version of the SameSpots software. The rate of SameSpots publications is continuing to rise, as it remains the software of choice for robust 2D and DIGE data analysis. It also includes the SpotCheck workflow to help you establish and maintain gel quality within your lab. Also, find out more about the on-going developments which will be available later this year.

gel pass

Meet the team!

We would be happy to see you at our booth, where we can quickly show you any of the products you are interested in from the Progenesis range. We have Martin Wells, Agnès Corbin and  Mark Bennett from our sales team, and Paddy Lavery from our marketing team looking after our booth so please stop by and say hello.

Check back for further updates from the HUPO meeting Smile

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