How we support our Progenesis users

We want all of our customers to get the most of their Progenesis software, and of course we want to help with any queries. The following support system has been designed to keep our users up and running and getting research data they can rely on.


When you buy a licence of Progenesis, it includes a 12 months Coverwise support and updates package.  This means you can rest assured that any issues you have can be quickly dealt with so your research has minimal interruptions. You’ll also be the first to know when  a new release is available as free updates to the latest version are included. You can contact our support team at

When your 12 months Coverwise has expired, you can renew your contract for a further 12 months, or longer if you’d prefer.


We also have a range of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) which can often help you get on with your analysis. Maybe you’re not stuck, just interested in some of the finer workings of our software? Then these are definitely worth a read! If we get something that keeps cropping up, we will create an FAQ to help other users. FAQs for each product can be found here:

Progenesis LC-MS FAQs

Progenesis SameSpots FAQs

Progenesis CoMet FAQs

Progenesis MALDI FAQs

Online Tutorials

There is an easy-to-follow online tutorial for the Progenesis LC-MS software, and two online tutorials for SameSpots –  covering the analysis workflow and the SpotCheck QC workflow. They guide a new user through an analysis using some demo data, and can be particularly useful if you need to train new team members.

Progenesis LC-MS Tutorial

Progenesis SameSpots Tutorial

Progenesis SpotCheck Tutorial

Website – Ask us a Question

And finally, if you are still having problems, you can visit our website – most pages have an Ask us a Question link so you can fire off any queries you have.

We aim to respond to all enquiries within 1 working day.

I hope this helps, whether you’re already a Progenesis user, or thinking about becoming one.